Your Privacy and Access

The Maltings is enclosed within the walled boundaries of our private property.  It is a large annex attached to the rear of our main house, but it is fully self-contained, with its own separate entrance, and you can come and go as you wish.  

Although we're right in the heart of Ludlow and it's an easy walk to everything, The Maltings itself is remarkably secluded and peaceful.  It's the best of both worlds.  

Your bedroom is at the very back of the property, overlooking the garden [the window in the top photo, at left].  The garden and outdoor dining area are for your enjoyment.  You'll see us coming and going, or tending to thirsty plants if necessary.  But as much as possible, we try to keep clear when Guests are staying.  We will always be delighted to chat, but if you would rather be left alone, that's perfectly fine too - we won't be offended!


Your parking space is located in a small private car park, which is only few doors down in Corve Street (in total, about 50 metres' walk).  The car park is protected by an electric bollard and the space is for your sole use for the duration of your stay.  We are always very happy to help with luggage if needed.

Inside The Maltings, your bedroom, the en-suite bathroom, kitchen, dining and living spaces are all on the first floor — much like a large loft flat.  This is accessible by a staircase (11 steps) and there are also some shorter steps throughout.  On the ground floor, you have a second bathroom and utility area but otherwise, much of this level has been preserved in its original condition.  

This is part of the building's special character, and what makes The Maltings such a unique place to stay.  But since the historic floors and other surfaces are quite irregular, it may be unsuitable for those with mobility concerns.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Outside your door (our house in background)

        Path from the garden entrance